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廣東語教育演講Presentations in Cantonese 

Chinese Educational Evening:

Focused on the Asian/Asian American experience with mental
health. Includes information about mental health diversity, prevalence, warning signs, suicide, and ways to support yourself and others. Features peer speakers. Delivered by NAMI SF Chinese Liaison Kelly Ma ( In Cantonese.

中文教育晚會:重點關注亞裔/亞裔美國人的心理健康經歷。包括有關心理健康多樣性、患病率警告信號、自殺以及支持自己和他人的方法的信息。特色是具有同樣經歷或背景的演講者。由NAMI SF 中文聯絡員 Kelly Ma (以粵語發表。

Educational Program: The "988" Helpline:

 Learn about the "988" 24/7 crisis support helpline. The presentation covers the following topics: the difference between "988" and "911," who can dial "988," how the helpline works, what services are provided when contacting "988," and what languages does the helpline support. Informative presentation for community organizations and those interested in mental health resources.

Delivered by NAMI SF Chinese Liaison Kelly Ma
( In Cantonese.
教育節目:“988”幫助熱線:了解“988”24/7 危機支持熱線。演示內容涵蓋以下主題:“988”和
熱線支持哪些語言。為社區組織和對心理健康資源感興趣的人提供信息豐富的演示。由 NAMI SF
中文聯絡員 Kelly Ma (以粵語發表。

Parents as Allies and Advocates:

Delivered by NAMI SF Chinese Liaison

An educational program that provides
an overview of youth mental health issues, including prevalence, warning signs, contributing factors, commu
nication strategies, and methods of seeking care and support. This program also features a
conversation between Kelly Ma, NAMI SF Chinese Liaison, and a trai
ned NAMI volunteer. Delivered by Kelly Ma. In Cantonese. Contact Kelly for more information:
父母作為盟友和倡導者:教育節目,概述青少年心理健康問題,包括患病率、警告信號、影響因 素、溝通策略以及尋求護理和支持的方法。該節目還包括 NAMI SF 中文聯絡員 Kelly Ma 和經過 培訓的 NAMI 志願者之間的對話。由Kelly Ma以粵語發表。聯繫Kelly了解更多信息

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