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Crisis Information

Crisis Resources

Resources for crisis inversion and reduction. Resources include:

  • Numbers to emergency psychiatrists

  • Emergency crisis assessment/intervention and assistance

  • SF Suicide Prevention

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis

A NAMI guide for those experiencing a mental health emergency.
The table of contents includes:

  • Understanding  Mental Illness

  • What to Do in a Mental Health Crisis

  • What to Expect from Treatment

  • Advocating for Treatment

  • Preparing for a Crisis

Calling 911: What to Do

A discriptive and comprehensive steps and tips when contacting 911 for mental health crisis.

Handling the arrest of a loved one

A detailed list of steps to take if a loved one is arrested.

Finding a Missing Person

A detailed list of steps to take when a loved one is missing and what to expect when reporting to the authorities.

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