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Family Conversations

Conversations between a parent and their child on early stages of psychosis

Sally and Sally Littlefield 2.JPG

2. Family Conversations: Sally and Sophie Littlefield (Impact on Siblings)

Sally and Sally Littlefield 3.JPG

3. Family Conversations: Sally and Sophie Littlefield (Dealing with Chores)


4. Family Conversations: Sally and Sophie Littlefield (Disclosing)


5. Family Conversations: Sally and Sophie Littlefield (Delusions)

Speaking to.JPG

6. Family Conversations: Sally and Sophie Littlefield (Speaking to)


7. Family Conversations Sally and Sophie Littlefield Art in Recovery

Other Resources

A YouTube channel by a ~30 year old woman in Canada living with schizoaffective disorder

One Mind

A nonprofit dedicated to research regarding serious psychiatric illness. also has some resources around education/stigma reduction/navigating the healthcare system

Brain Waves (from One Mind)

A webcast featuring interviews with researchers and people with lived experience with brain illness

A website with news and community forums for people with schizophrenia and their loved ones

Psychosis Sucks

A website that gives an overview of psychosis

Open the Doors

A website with motivational text about schizophrenia

Progress Foundation

A residential treatment facility, looks like it's geared toward adults. doesn't look like they have any education programs.

People with Disabilities Foundation

A foundation whose mission is to provide education and advocacy for people with psychiatric and/or developmental disabilities, with or without physical disabilities, so that they can achieve equal opportunities in all aspects of life. Our goal is to provide total integration of people with mental disabilities into the whole of society.

Teen & Young Adult Resources

An informative website geared toward teenagers with videos, educational modules, etc. about psychosis

Students with Psychosis

A nonprofit that empowers college students to form clubs to support those experiencing psychosis

BEAM (Bipolar Early Assessment and Management)

An innovative, evidence-based program developed by the Felton Institute to diagnose and treat bipolar disorder I, the more severe form of the disease. Like Felton Early Psychosis Program, BEAM provides treatment to adolescents and young adults so they can learn manage their condition and move towards remission and recovery.

PATH Program

A care provider that also gives presentations to mental healthcare providers on how to interact with patients with psychosis.

Bring Change 2 Mind

An organization founded by Glen Close after her sister was diagnosed with bipolar 1 and nephew was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Seeks to reduce stigma among teenagers through creating clubs on college campuses

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