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Ending the Stigma

Ending the Stigma (ETS) is a free, 50-60 minute educational presentation for high school student audiences. Our team offers two formats, both of which include information about local resources and time for questions. Additionally, we offer a 60-minute presentation for school faculty and staff. 


Ending the Stigma: 101. Led by NAMI staff, the goal of the program is to reduce stigma, generate awareness of mental health, and highlight treatment options, coping strategies, and communication best practices. ETS 101 includes educational content and students are asked to actively participate in small group discussions and classroom activities. Student takeaways include learning how to identify warning signs, how to support themselves and others, and how to communicate with other students and adults.


Ending the Stigma: Speaking Our Minds. Speaking Our Minds features the personal stories of young adult speakers and NAMI staff who experienced, and managed, mental health conditions during high school. Additionally, the program incorporates videos of former NAMI volunteers who share their stories of living with mental health conditions. Speaking Our Minds is designed to foster connection around shared lived-experienc and support empathy-building skills. The program includes brief educational content. Conversational in structure and tone.


Ending the Stigma: Educators. For faculty and staff - focused on how educators can support the mental health of students. Specific content includes information on prevalence, how to identify warning signs, how to communicate effectively with a student, other faculty members, and the student's family, and information on local resources and support. Additionally, the presentation covers self-harm and suicide and features a young adult presenter who shares their experience of navigating high school with a mental health condition. 

Speaking Our Minds is offered in-person/hybrid or virtually. For more information, please contact Andrew Tuttle: 


To request a presentation, please complete this form.

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