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NAMI San Francisco is recruiting thoughtful, passionate and hard working members to our Board of Directors! Our board provides helpful guidance and carries out activities to strategically grow the organization’s capacity and standing in the community. 


The Board is a “working Board” meaning that we do much more than meet periodically and vote on initiatives to be carried out. As a Board, we are also responsible for carrying out some of the work of the organization. This document provides an overview of the commitments, responsibilities and expectations of serving on the Board. 



Overall, expect to spend 2-6 hours/month serving in your role on the Board of Directors, which fluctuates throughout the year. This includes: 

  • Monthly meeting between 1 to 1.5 hours long

  • One or two committee meetings between 1 to 1.5 hours long (2 to 3 hours total)

  • Occasional time speaking at events or representing the organization in public meetings

  • Occasional tasks outside meetings, averaging 1 to 2 hours/month


In addition to time commitments, all Board members must be committed to:

  • Improving the world for people living with mental health conditions and their communities without contributing to stigmatization or marginalizing people; and, 

  • Language and decision-making that supports a welcoming and collaborative environment for all people regardless of mental health condition, race, ethnicity, gender identity, economic status or any other identities that are often excluded or marginalized in society. 

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