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Mental Health Matters at Work

Many employees are hesitant to disclose that they experience a mental health condition due to stigma in the workplace. Stigma can lead to a lack of support, bias in hiring practices, and negatives associations of ability and performance. Nearly 60% of mental health conditions go untreated partially due to stigma in the workplace.  When surveyed about what “resource” for mental health they most wanted, employees asked for a more open company culture (Mindshare Report, 2021). Speaking openly about mental health goes so far toward combating stigma, fostering a supportive professional environment, and enabling those affected by mental illness to find help. 


NAMI San Francisco offers two presentation formats for professional workplaces: 101 and Speaking Our Minds.


Both presentations are facilitated by two trained speakers (working professionals) who have lived-experience with a mental health condition. The programs are designed to elevate awareness, reduce stigma, provide direction to community resources, and highlight existing company-specific supports.


Presentations are virtual and include Q+A at the end.


Mental Health Matters at Work: 101 (MHM 101) combines mental health education - including information on prevalence, warning signs, and coping strategies - with personal testimony from speakers. This presentation also focuses on how employees can support themselves, their colleagues, and advocate for company support strategies. MHM 101 is an excellent overview presentation for workplaces to learn about mental illness and/or who are beginning the mental health conversation.

MHM 101 is one hour long.


Mental Health Matters at Work: Speaking Our Minds focuses on speakers who live with mental health conditions and their stories. Additionally, the presentation features videos of professionals sharing their journeys with mental health. The structure is designed to be conversational, human oriented, and all about lived-experience. Speaking Our Minds is great for organizations that have already hosted a NAMI presentation or are interested in building on an existing mental health initiative.


Speaking Our Minds is 45 minutes long. 

For more information or to request a presentation, please contact Andrew Tuttle:

Additional workplace resources can be found here

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