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Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness and funds for NAMIWalks San Francisco. Not only can you reach a large group of friends at once, but they can immediately connect to your fundraising page and join or support you.

  • Start with the social media network you use the most. If you are active on multiple social media use that to your advantage.

  • Post the link to your NAMIWalks fundraising page on your social media. Include your reason why NAMI means something to you, why you are walking to support NAMI. Be sure to ASK them to walk with you or make a donation.

  • You can also connect to your social media directly through your NAMIWalks fundraising page. This makes posting even easier! Log into your Participant Dashboard and click on the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to easily connect and post.

  • Try your hand at doing a Facebook or Instagram Live videos. Live posts will be seen on more of your friends’ newsfeeds.

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High School Friends
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