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Mental Health 101

Mental Health 101 is an educational program for community groups of all kinds - libraries, religious organizations, college students, and community-based organizations, among others. The goal of the presentation is to curb the stigma surrounding mental health, highlight mental health fundamentals, provide a space to connect around peer lived-experience, and share local resources and services. 


The presentation covers mental health diversity, prevalence, contributing factors, warning signs, self-harm and suicide, and ways to support yourself and others. Additionally, peer speakers share their stories of living with and managing mental health condition(s) - humanizing mental health and offering stories of hope and recovery.


NAMI SF collaborates with local groups to bring presentations to their communities. We also host public presentations that are accessible to all community members. Check out upcoming public presentations on our events page


Alongside our standard presentation in English, our team offers Mental Health 101 for specific communities: 

Chinese/Cantonese Community | 廣東語演講

Focused on the Asian/Asian American experience with mental health. Includes information about mental health diversity, prevalence, warning signs, suicide, and ways to support yourself and others. Features peer speakers. Delivered by NAMI SF Chinese Liaison Kelly Ma ( In Cantonese. NAMI SF 提供廣東語心理健康101。 有關更多資訊,請聯絡Kelly Ma(kelly@namisf.org或單擊此處


Latinx/Spanish-Language Community

Focused on the Latinx/Spanish-Language community’s experience with mental health. Includes information about prevalence rates and access to care, factors such as stigma, racism, and language barriers that specifically impact Latinx mental health, and how to find support and resources. In Spanish. 


Black/African American Community

Focused on the Black/African American community’s experience with mental health. The presentation covers barriers to accessing care, the effect of racism and discrimination on Black/ African American mental health, generational and racial trauma, treatment and community supports, and local resources and services. This program also features peer presenters who share their story of living with a mental health condition(s). Delivered by our BIPOC Cultural Facilitator, Presenter & Educator Sharon Thompson (


All presentations are free; the majority are delivered virtually via Zoom. For information on in person programs, please email Andrew. 

To learn more about Mental Health 101 or request a presentation, contact Andrew Tuttle this request form.. For more information, contact Andrew Tuttle, Director of Education Programming:

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