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Parents A s Allies And Advocates

Partnering to Promote Youth Mental Health

Parents as Allies and Advocates is a free one hour and fifteen presentation for parents and caregivers that will provide an overview of youth mental health issues, including prevalence and warning signs to look for, and ideas for how to support your child/teen.  The presentation will be facilitated by a parent who has experience raising a child with a mental health condition along with a young adult who is living with a condition. Time for Q+A at the end. 

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please fill out our request form. It is recommended that you put your request in at least three weeks in advance since we rely on volunteer availability.


For additional resources for parents visit our Parents of Youth & Young Adults Resource Page. 

NAMI SF還提供廣東語的以父母作為盟友和倡導者。 有關更多資訊,請聯絡Kelly Ma(或單擊下面的連結。

Questions? Contact Andrew Tuttle (

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