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Youth Adult

Mental Health Resources


24/7 Crisis Text Line

Text "HOME" to 741741


Huckleberry 24/7 Teen Crisis Hotline:


SF Suicide Prevention 24/7 Hotline



Trevor Project Call and Text Support:

Call: 1-866-488-7386

Text: Text 'START" to 678-678


Teenline: Professionally trained teen-listeners provide call and text support. 

Call: 800-852-8336 | 6-10pm PST every night

Text: 'TEEN' to 839863 | 6-9pm PST

On This Page


Local Organizations

Huckleberry House:

Counseling services for youth. Free with Full-Scope Medi-Cal and sliding-scale payment structure. Diverse staff. Also offers family and group therapy and crisis intervention. 

Greenlight Clinic:

Free counseling services for ages 14-26. Diverse staff. 



Child, Youth, and Families services include individual and family therapy, case management, psychiatric evaluation, parenting consultation, and linkage and referral services. Serve youth through age 21. 

San Francisco Health Network: Community Programs for Youth:

Free behavioral health counseling for ages 12-24. Multiple locations. Multiple languages. Other services include primary care, urgent care, and sexual and reproductive health. 

Masonic Center for Youth and Families:

Behavioral health services for young people ages 4-24, including individual, family, and educational therapy. Sliding-scale payment structure. Diverse staff. Other services include crisis stabilization, residential treatment program, inpatient services, hospital diversion program, and partial hospitalization programs. 

Edgewood Center for Children and Families:

Wide range of programs including therapeutic behavioral health services for youth ages 3-21. Full-scope Medi-Cal insurance is required.  

Access Institute:

Psychotherapy, psychiatry, and case management services for youth and families. 

The Liberation Institute:

Offering sliding-scale therapy services for all ages - fees are discussed on an individual basis. Diverse staff. In-person or virtual appointments.

The Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street:

Therapy services for all ages. Offering a low-cost, sliding scale payment structure. Diverse staff and services in multiple languages. 

The Integral Counseling Center at Church Street:

Therapy services for all ages. Offering a low-cost, sliding scale payment structure. Diverse staff and services in multiple languages. 

Marina Counseling Center:

Therapy services for all ages. Sliding-scale payment structure. Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments. Diverse staff.

Westside Community Services:

Teen Clinic - supporting the mental health of adolescents. Call for more information. 

Local Organizatios

Advocacy & Educational Organizations

Advocacy & Educational Organizations

Active Minds:

National advocacy organization connecting young people with mental health resources.  

Trevor Project:

Resources, educational information, counseling services, and community groups for LGBTQ+ youth. 

Seize the Awkward:

Communication tips and strategies when talking about mental health. Features videos of celebrities sharing their stories of living with mental health conditions. 



Educational information on a variety of mental health topics, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more. Additionally, resources on therapy and support groups plus videos of young adults sharing their stories of living with mental health conditions.

Informational on how to support friends and loved ones. Featuring videos of young adults sharing their experiences of supporting and connecting with friends. 

NAMI Resources

NAMI Resources

NAMI Videos

NAMI Videos
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