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NAMIWalks San Francisco brings together people of all ages and fitness levels to combat stigma, raise funds and promote awareness of mental illness.  Our annual event is a celebration of recovery—a time when we come together to let the world know that mental health matters.
What is NAMIWalks?  Better to ask, Who is NAMIWalks?

NAMIWalks is first and foremost about people, inspired individuals reaching out to each other, one authentic story at a time, to form a community of hope. 


NAMIWalks is the walk that has no finish line…only countless new beginnings for the people we serve – as we raise funds to power NAMI’s life-changing free programs and fuel growing awareness of our cause.  


NAMIWalks is a celebration, a shining time and place for you to declare: “I will not step down, I will not step away. I will be there with my community.”


No matter where we've been on our journey,
we know where we're going, together.

We are NAMIWalks.



As NAMIWalks participants, we are role models for the cause of unity and commitment, bringing millions of people that much closer to their best mental health and toward awareness of what we, NAMI, are able to do.




There are numerous ways corporations and organizations can partner with NAMIWalks to help build better lives for families and individuals in San Francisco affected by mental illness. NAMIWalks provides National visibility and offers a unique opportunity to amplify your message. 



If you're looking for a rewarding and fun way to support the mission and work of NAMI SF, volunteering with NAMIWalks is a perfect way to make an impact. Your help makes it possible for us expand our outreach in the community.

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