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Programs and Services

Peer Support Groups: Provides peer-led support for adults with mental illness by sharing issues and coping skills.


Family Support Groups: Family Support Groups: Provides a safe space for individuals to share concerns about their loved ones living with a mental illness. Offered in English, Cantonese and Spanish

Family-to-Family Education Program: 8-week course for family members, partners, and friends with a loved one with mental illness. Offered in English, Spanish, and Cantonese. 

Peer-to-Peer Education Program: 6-week experiential education course focusing on recovery for adults (18+) living with mental illness. 

Basics Education Program:
6-week course designed for parents and caregivers of youth experiencing mental health symptoms or have been diagnosed.

In Our Own Voice: Presentation by trained individuals living with mental illness. Able to be scheduled throughout the community.

Ending the Stigma: Presentation for middle and high schools students to learn about mental illness.

Parents as Allies and Advocates: Presentation for parents to better understand early warning signs of mental illnesses in children and adolescents.

Mental Health Matters at Work: Presentation designed to help businesses address stigma in the workplace.

Mental Health 101: An opportunity to learn about mental illness through an informative presentation, short videos, and personal testimonies that represent a variety of cultures, beliefs, and values.


Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Trainings: Police officers and dispatchers are trained to interact with individuals with mental illness. The program is designed to minimize use of force, increase officer/public safety and explain available resources in community policing.

Advocacy: NAMI SF advocates for favorable mental health policy.


Media Liaising: NAMI SF works with local resources to provide impartial, objective reporting on issues affecting individuals living with mental illness, their families, and the community.

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